Sunday, 9 October 2011

Hear me screaming, see me bleeding...

Posted by Acacia at 03:21
Fallen is open :O dun dun dun! Sims is up and awesome, and fantastic and many other nouns :P
Dom and Justin have worked incredibly hard to make an enviroment for rpers that's been created by rpers. Now understandably it will not float everyones canoe as it's dark/urbanny roleplay. But, give it a chance. The admin are a hard working bunch, and a lot of thought, time and effort has gone into not only the sim build but the whole array of characters you can choose from. The races are Mages, vampires, shifters, angels, lycans and demons, these are not the only playable races however, we do accept applications for other roles/races. If you'd like a sim packet in world contact either Dominic Darkmatter, myself (Acacia Bellios), Collin Andel, shyralei, ivy shadowcry, Eli Dailey, Rozz Maven or Calleigh Consantine... It really is worth checking out, even for the intricacies of the build. The pics just dont do it justice!

Tune of the day: Foo Fighters- Walk <33
Word of the day: Bemused


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