Monday, 30 July 2012

I feel you...Within my mind...

Posted by Acacia at 13:11
Annnnd! Newness! Well not so much new in the scheme of sl fashions, but new to me! And Acacia has a new face! I got editing happy in attempt to make her suit a skin I had to have, so all change, but i'm pleased with the result. The shirt I have on her in the pic is my current fave piece of clothing, made by the delectable and nommy Ms. Kinu Mayako! It makes me smile everytime I look at it. I say your face a lot... My maturity level matches that of JD from Scrubs. In other news I'm a cantkerous bat and I hate confusing irritating men.

Word of the day: Fuck You Couch (ok, ok, three words, but still =p)
Song of the Day: Sameal- I Feel You



Shape: made by moi! Changes to face finally to make her more 'skin' friendly.
Skin: Glam Affair - Cassiopea
Hair: Exile- Break Away (one voice)
Ears Pekka Maniac
Eye: Pekka Mila (edited)
Mouth: ni.ju Overload piercing
Chest: HoD  Bulletproof (edited)
Collar: Luck inc. Bound collar.
Antlers: Epic Mythic Dryad antlers
Shirt: SAKIDE - Your face knit top (Love this and shall not be taking it off for days! <3333)
pants/Hooves: Epic- Show-low Faun baggy

Muchos loves m'poppets!
~Aca <3


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