Saturday, 8 December 2012

And if I only could make a deal with God...

Posted by Acacia at 14:48
 I am incredibly bored with sl... I'm also very bored with wow, but that's another story and another grind, one I will continue to endevour until the shiny looty end. But, to those who have asked... No, I have not alted, I'm just not on much, if it is imperative you see me, I shall most definitely be around every monday at around noon slt, as this is my only set shift djing. Aside from that, if you have me on skype or facebook, message me there, more chance of a response :P I am still for the most part logged in daily to clear messages. I just find it kinda stale, and what i need doesnt reside in a game it lives well... Outside it... (Cue sappy moment where I fawn over silly farm boy) anywho's! I logged in annnnd there was supercuteness from lamb and from glam affair at Collabo88 sooo...I blogged! Enjoy <3

Tune of the day :

Word of the day: Drycember (no fap december, I failed this already, how are you lot doing?)

Annnnnd PICS!! I shall also add, I am fucking in love with this skin, that is all, kthx <3


Shape: Acacia by Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Glam Affair -Amberly-Frostbite-Europa 02 @ Collabo88
Hair: !lamb. Faster, Pussycat1 Kill! Kill! - My little pony
Piercings: HoD - Bulletproof & Thrust
Tattoo: Corvus - Made in hell tattoo
Makeup: [M] Eyeliner - Heavy Cateye- Black
Jeans: ** Tyra Jeans Slim taupe
Top: -SU!- Desir Lingerie Grey
Cardigan:  !Admiral spicy! Mesh Open Cormfy cardi Black (The name says Cormfy, so i typed cormfy!)
Shoes: [e] Millside flats Black

That's all for now, muah!
~Aca <3


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