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Choose your weapon, time to go, a military fashion show...

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I got a little carried away accessorising today, soooo you have pretty pictures full of pretty things! But, the main focus of this post is Strawberry's 10 SL Firsts meme, Strawberry as always posted this first and it's steamrolled, the questions brought me a giggle, so I decided to throw mine up here to hopefully raise a smile for you guys :D So enjoy! And if you decide to do one, please post a link to the comments, I love to read them!

I'm going to be doing this from an Acacia point of view, because bringing Abi (original av's) past into things is just wildly confusing!

 1.  First SL Friend: Krimmy! And we still hang out occasionaly, and chat and be silly, and I still loves her! We were sister wolfies on the first RP sim I frequented on Acacia, Dark City...And yeah it just blossomed into a wonderful friendship.

2.  First SL Kiss: Oh bejebus, I have no clue, I think it was in text in RP and I remember the dudes name, and Krimmy will too, and he turned out to be an utter psycho stalker. o.o

3.  First SLex time/place/partner: My first partner. Fook knows the time and place, and chances are it was in text, i'm very poseball shy, hate those things.

4.  First SL Partner/Girlfriend/Boyfriend/Wife/Husband: Asher Blitz. We were together a long arsed time, and even made the jump to real life, lived together for a a couple of years. I'm not bitter, you grow and move on, and I'm a happy girly now. And my man is a love-monkey.

5.  First SL Job: DJ at Sanctuary Rock on Acacia. (I was a dancer there on Abi, then host, then DJ :O)

6.  First SL Creation: Ha, a teddy bear! An evil teddy for the Shadows in Toxia's Christmas box :o He had a collar that in RP if the person wore it we'd control them!

7.  First Encounter with a Linden: I IM'd Elvis Linden and said their name was awesome, they gave me a bear :D I still have it. Shaggy's story is better he pushed a linden into a lake, three times o.o

8.  First Encounter with a SLebrity: Ha, well, that would be Ms. Kinu Mayako, I was shocked to find not only did she make epic clothes but she hosted and subsequently managed at Sanctuary Rock, and I have to say when I first knew her I was totally in awe at how down to earth and normal she was... And still is. She eventually became my wifey (along with like 8 others) and to date is still an epic designer and one of my most trusted and loved friends.

9.  First SL Sim you fell in love with: HuMaNoiD, this sim is delightfully odd, and definitley worth a look, it's a maze of doors all leading off to differently themed sections, and it's quite breathtaking at times while at the same time remaining kooky and just a bit dark...

10.  First SL Blog Post: Dear lord... Judge away :| It's really bad... Posty!

Tune of the Day: And One - Military Fashion Show

                                                             And now for Piccies!

Skin: Thursday 01 - beach by Essences
Hair: Magdalen - Powder by Lelutka
Horns: Fiora Antlers - Black by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!
Eyemakeup: Tribalist Hellraiser [Limited Edition] by Lovely Disarray (Available only with Anatomy's Maia Shape)
Eyeliner: Party Eyeliner - Gold by Glam Affair
Tattoo: Devil - Dark by .Pekka.
Ears: Stretched Ears -Omimi by Mandala
Piercings: Dermal Spike Implants, Eye Piercings and Labret Piercing all by <-Puncture->
Necklace & Ring: Black Sun - Gold by MG
Shoulders: Epaulette Set - Black by GizzA
Top: Ley Lady Lace Suits - Black by [GLUE INK]
Skirt: Lorette - Black by The Sea Hole
Tights: Crusader Tights by Q
Boots: Huntress XtremeHeel II - Black by N-core
Arm-warmers:  LipstickMuse - Strings - Black by The Plastik

Omnomnom <3

Ps. I like Shaggy's beard. It's fun.


Strawberry Singh on 11 April 2013 at 06:29 said...

awwwww, it's evil but still an adorable teddy!

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