Sunday, 28 April 2013

Fire Cannot Kill a Dragon...

Posted by Acacia at 11:24
So, today, I am jumping a bandwagon! Teshan over at Slexy Fashionista posted This and offered up a challenge to create your own khaleesi inspired looks, now, as an avid Game of Thrones fan I jumped all over it. And more than that it gives me a HUGE excuse to talk about the show! My personal views are expressed herein and no other =p. It's a complex series, with many personal stories intermingling and entwining set in such a vast world that some people are completely turned off by it. These people for the most part have not read the books, it's easier to get to grips with the TV show when you have, and that is just something I've observed lately. I could go into the complex plot lines and character development, but I'm not gonna :p I will touch on last week's episode and this current series though. It has been lacking for me. It's drifted from the book details a little and left me confused, the timeline over the loss of Jaime's hand. Of course, like the book, it's hard not to start to like him, even if he did toss a small child from a tower (!) And the Ramsay Snow stuff... Where was the hunt... What was with the befriending? I mean it's clear who it is... And he did take him back... But, but... He's supposed to be the most vicious butthead out there, and he was like... Diet evil, so hopefully he'll up the game and stuff. And just when I was a little miffed and left feeling slightly used, it happened, Khaleesi did it... That moment she spoke her mother tongue, that one command to Dracarys, and burn, baby burn, no more slaver... Wonderful, riveting, and I for one was rather saddened to see it end, and I am left champing at the bit for tonight's offering. If you have never watched Game of Thrones or read the Song of Fire and Ice series,  be assured, it is a veritable cornucopia of blood, sex, action, nudity, hilarity (mostly from the Tyrion front) and drama. Worth watching.
But, back to the post. My inner Khaleesi is a classical look, basterdising her in any other way just isn't in me. So here goes, and do enjoy! And no doubt I'll be smacked around by Shaggy later for getting a detail or two wrong in this post :P He is a die hard fan and knows so much! It's AWESOME.

Word of the Day: Stark   (I did not pick this! Winter is not coming, blame word of the day!)

Tune of the Day: Suede - The Beautiful Ones


Skin:  Thursday beach 01 by Essences
Hair: Abbey - White 05 by [e]
Top: So Sari Wrap - Night by :V.e.
Skirt: Veronika rigged mesh skirt- Black by Spirit Store
Eye-makeup: cosmetics - black liners - Raccoon by [[Mozz]]
Dragon: Black/Red Dragonet by Wynxworks (Thank you Shaggy <3)

Muah! <3 Thar be dragons!


Tesh on 29 April 2013 at 06:27 said...

your Khaleesi is so sexy + classy! LOVE the black & gray tones (esp with the pale coloring). thanks for doing the challenge + hugggss!! xoxoxo

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