Thursday, 7 July 2011

Fantasy or delusion?

Posted by Acacia at 16:07
 Random conversation at Zero this afternoon during Ms.Dori's set. Why do we play sl? Where does the line between fantasy and reality blur? Personal opinions time. In recent months Ive discovered how little i trust cyber peoples, I have a sleect few who I feel I know and have come to care rather deeply about, some of the closest friends I have, ive never actually met in person. But in saying that, there are others their I have called close and have eventually shown their true perfidious natures, but alas, I digress... Yes, for me second life is an extension of myself, let's not beat around the bush, it is a fantasy. And can be a pleasant one, my avatar has a way hotter arse than I'll ever have without copius ammounts of plastic surgery... :o
 I love to be the centre of attention in sl, hence why I dj and prance my barbie around in rather slutty outfits. I make wisecracks, I smart mouth and I'm sarcastic as hell. But, I'm that way inclined anyways, I mentioned my insecurities in an earlier post, and I know I mask them with bad humour. In rl, I'm not such an attention whore, I'm more the wall flower type until ive had a few drinks at least, but, I still try my hand at stand up comedy on a regular basis, and fall flat for the most part. In sl my friends call me stand-offish, in rl my friends call me friendly. Why is this? What makes me so cold in the game? I'm yet to fathom... I think I had a point when I started writing this, hum, maybe I should get back to it. If you play sl, and are reading this, then please comment, I'd love to know why you play. And whether you play in a totally roleplay capacity, or if your avatar is an extension of yourself in rl...
 Now, onto something completely different, speaking of fantasy and roleplay... Sim is close to completion!!!! Wewt, yay and all that Jazz. Dominic sent a notice this morning stating he'd finished the writing portion of the group work, therefor the backgrounds are actually done (Girly squee!) Build wise the Library, hospital and club are done, along with a massive part of the underground (again squee!)
Basically we're getting to the decoration time... My, my, this will be fun. Hopefully mr.self contained Dominic shall let us actually do some work now :D After all making shit pretty is something I'm good at!
I'll fill you in on more detail as and when it comes up...

Word of the day: Owned

Tune of the day:  Seabound - Domination


Shape: All my own baybee.

Hair: Magika - Andarial (roots edition)@hair fair.

Skin:Laq - Mima (peach)

Eyes: Repulse - Living dead eyes (dilated)

Skirt: *H+K* (white) sugar panier

Shirt: *Linc* Tankdress White Wet

Socks: *Linc* Garter Nylons Long Torn Black

Harness: Kyoot - Addicted to Dopamine

Piercing: -.HoD.- Bulletproofv3 - razor

Boots: Kboots - black

Collar: (r)M~ Studded Collar (No.03)

Wings: [europa] Archon Wings


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