Thursday, 21 July 2011

I'm not unfaithful but i'll stray...

Posted by Acacia at 07:48
Ive always been the quiet sort, I know right, you don't believe me :p But what I mean really is I try to avoid conflict at all costs in both sl and rl, I tend to run as soon as things start to worry/pressure me. Obviously that doesn't mean I cannot handle myself when the time comes, but, rather I choose not to get involved in anything that's going to result in added stress, paranoia, random insult swapping. Well the insult swapping is fun, but yeah, I'd rather not. I think I must be getting older, more mature, I'm not running this time. I'm standing my ground and it's kinda fun, so we'll see what happens. Rambling aside, life is goodish, djing is funs, as always... Found myself a couple of new DJ's to stalk and thief music from, so that's always fun <3 I'm sure they know who they are. Oh and I have total girly wood for Magika's hair fair treat Andarial with roots still (featured in last look of the day, and err the one before) It's rare that I stay interested in anything longer than a week or so, but oddly this habbit of phasing off and finding a shiny t-rex seems to be flitting currently too. Maybe I'm just not as ADD as I thought...

Word of the day: Polyamory
Tune of the day: Back in your head (tiesto mix)

LOTD: well you're going to have to wait for this, cant get pics to upload properly it scrambles em :o no matter what I try.



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