Sunday, 7 August 2011

Oh look I posted! >.>

Posted by Acacia at 22:27
Allrighty, so we've established, I am a total slacker... BUT, I have my reasons, I can't be arsed =p
Fallen is coming along beautifully, fingers crossed just a couple of more weeks... We're currently doing a lot of decorating, and to be honest, after the pics ive had to google the last couple of weeks, if i see another porn stars vag ever again I may cry (Don't ask, you really don't wanna know) Other stuffs going well, djing a fair bit, shopping a fair bit. On a side note, I will say how utterly pissed off I am by two faced self righteous muppets who feel the world owes them something. You did this to yourself (all I'm saying on that subject) Anyways, I got lucky this week and my awesome wifey Shyn decided to do some blog pics for her post, so I'm gonna post them here too and be a total lazy arse.

Word of the day : Cocktard (i have no link, it's just fitting)

Song of the Day : Muse - Undisclosed Desires (someone dedicated this to me recently... Still makes me smile)

I'm wearing :
shape : made by moi
skin: laq mima peach
skirt: H+K white sugar panier (long)
necklaces/collar : Hod nothings necklace, sinistyle sharktooth (v.old) redmint studded collar
piercing: pekka crisis
makeup: damned you wish
tattoo: para designs snakebite
gloves: NS Mizer gloves
nails: mandala Long
Hair: magika Porcelain
corset : schadenfreude stripe and polka
shrug: zaara distressed shrug
shoes: slink ashia point ballet slipper onyx

And on Shynwifey:
Shape: made by shyn
Skin: *League* Skin Sia Fair -Storm
Eyes: REPULSE – Nocturnal Eyes
Collar: SiniStyle Posture Collar (D-Rings)
Hair: Magika – Nayla
Dress: [ SAKIDE ] Hallow’s Heart Dress White
Fishnet: [ SAKIDE ] Mesh Ripped Leggings (from the Bloody Kimono in the previous ZombiePopcorn hunt)
Shoes: [Gos] Curvaceous Boots in White


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