Friday, 26 August 2011

Whatcha gonna do when the hounds are calling?

Posted by Acacia at 16:57
You run with the wolves while I hunt like a hound... I'm in a semi twisted bouncey hyper mood at the moment.... Soooo ... Actually I want people to suffer, how fucked up is that, I feel vicious heh I like it, needa keep this up, it's given me a nice little edge, worked in sl for 6 hours today o.0 no idea why, 4 djing, 2 hosting... I hate hosting, playing nice with people is just not fun, at least when i'm djing I can use tone of voice to call them names and not actually offend anyone =p lot's of things are lost in translation through typing, it's hard to communicate anything, I do that a lot, not intentionally, I just can't quite say what I mean, actually I suck at that face to face too. Usually ends up with me saying something I don't mean or not saying what I actually mean, but yanno what, screw it =p people wanna understand me they can grab a english to B dictionary =p

Needa give you a proper look of the day and I will, soon as I'm done djing I will do  pic, Ive got a few cute things i'm cycling through at the moment...

Word of the day: Cake (pick an option, although I know which is mine)

Tune of the day: Never Surrender!!!


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