Monday, 5 November 2012

Pretty When You Cry...

Posted by Acacia at 07:44
Still ill, And as it's bonfire night, I'm looking forward to spending the evening peeling my poor little highly strung whippet from the walls/under the desk/tv stand/ behind the shower curtain, basically wherever he chooses to hide this year. Ive had the wee soul for 2 and a half years now, and he is the most neurotic dog ive ever known. Granted, most dogs are freaked out by loud noises and fireworks, but this wee fuzzy takes it to whole new extremes. I always thought he may get over it a bit, but alas, newp. Ive tried him on everything from hollistic remedies (plug ins/collars and sprays) to actually medicating him, but alas, nada works. He's a wee feardy. Anyways, enough of of that, today I have SAKIDE with a side of Wasabi. also, my stores officialy open, after much consideration and a few names from Shaggy I didnt consider -.- I decided on Fearful Symmetry, it's a line from a Blake poem I like, also, Symmetry works for the shape side of things, so there we go.

Tune of the Day:

No word of the day, you get a poem :P : Tyger, Tyger

                                                               And now for pics!


Shape: Acacia's shape, not for sale (similar to Rosie) from Fearful Symmetry
Skin: League Isla Fair
Tattoo: Utopiah  - My wonderland
Hair: Wasabi Pills - Christy
Nails: dl:: Sculpted long Nails
Glasses: Tres Blah Lolita Sunglasses
Pants: SAKIDE Slim Corduroy Jeans Black
Poncho: SAKIDE Poncho Black



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