Thursday, 29 November 2012

Everybody Knows...

Posted by Acacia at 14:15
 Once upon a time, in a galaxy far, far away, I used to roleplay on a sim called Dark City, and now... It's back :o So I suggest, if you have a penchent for pew pew rp's (DCS combat) You get your butts down here... Pics were done on sim, and my fave part is most defo the cemetery, it's so very me ^.~ Alas, I lack the time or inclination to RP these days, but go, go go... Get to it peoples <3
 The song and title are oddities this week, I can't really explain them, except to say... Everybody knows :P
Also, I was just informed someone wasn't mentioned in this for once, and now he is, muahahahaha <3
He still says he wasn't, I mean you assbutt, Shaggy, lover of all things bum related (If your input on word of the days anything to go by)

Word of the Day: Mendacious

Tune of the Day:

                                                                  Annnnd Pics!!

Sim: Dark City and their pretty, pretty cemetery :o

The Look:

Shape: Acacia By fearful Symmetry
Skin: Glam Affair - Ashes Roza 1@ Fair
Hair: Alice Project- Steph
Tattoo: Endless Pain - Drink, Fight, Fuck
Eyes: Lithium Creation - The End Sunset
Hairband:mijn.botique/accessories *studs headband* set
Bra: Boom - I promise
Shirt: DeeTaleZ Tops army body Sheer Black
Skirt: SU! Basic Miniskirt Black
Tights: Erratic fishnet wide black
Stockings: League Side garter black
Piercings: HoD - Bulletproof
Nails: dl:: sculpted long nails
Rings: SAKIDE -Black Cranium ring silver and Black Spider ring by Fearful Symmetry

Vaminos minions!! Ariba, ariba!! <3


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