Thursday, 2 January 2014

I hope you're feeling happy now, I see you feel no pain at all it seems...

Posted by Acacia at 16:32
Well good evening my little miscreants! I bring thee gacha goodness with a hint of  Truth and Villena, I adore both these stores, I think I've mentioned before they are staple stores to me. Now that doesn't mean they don't excite me, they really, really do. When both stores release newness (depending on pennies) I have to run out and grab everything! And months later I'll decide to go back and buy yet another colour... And you wonder why my inventory is out of control (!) Anywhos, enjoy the piccies, I'll be back! Muah!

Word of the Day: Punnet

Tune of the Day: Skunk Anansie - Hedonism

Skin: Mokatana - Petal by Glam Affair (Christmas Gift) New!!!
Hair:  Dove - Colours by Truth NEW!!!
Headband: Oh Deer Gacha - Bubblegum by .Enfant Terrible. @OMG NEW!!!
Choker: Rosario Choker - Pink by .Pekka. @OMG NEW!!!
Knuckle Tattoos: Phila Knuckle Tattoos by elska
Sweater: Queen Mary Pull - Blue/Pink by .:*LOULOU&CO*:. @OMG NEW!!!
Jeans: Tucked Up Jeans - Dark Blue by Villena
Shoes: Helena Shoes by Redgrave


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