Monday, 6 January 2014

In search of the pure, in search of the light, I miss those arms that held me tight...

Posted by Acacia at 08:09
Good afternoon my little dahlings! So, I dusted off the male alt, dressed him in some pretty things, which i'll get to shortly and decided to use him for posties. He really is the perfect man. Shuts up, does as he's told, and doesn't expect sexual favours in return! \o/ So, yes, onto the outfits! Both of my toons are dressed in outfits from SUGAR mesh apparel... Now, Sugar is run by Sugar Falta also known as Musette Demonia, and in all honesty I didn't even know she had a clothing store until yesterday! But after some snooping around on the marketplace I am officially in love, and knowing me there will be a lot more to come in the future, this post contains a lovely little leather set on Acacia and Fate is sporting a hoody and jeans, all incredibly well made and textured, easy to fit. I didn't have to adjust Acacia's shape, which I don't mind doing for good mesh, but yay, didn't have to! Anywho's enjoy the look annnnd happy shopping <3

Word of the Day: Terminus

Tune of the Day: SITD - Sentiment

Fate wears:
Skin: Lucis by Tableu Vivant (Christmas Gift)
Hair: Resident Hair by Tableu Vivant (Christmas Gift)
Hoody: Street Hoody - Zombies by SUGAR
Pants: City Baggy - Music Dark by SUGAR
Boots: Engineer Boots - Navy by {Sleepy Eddy}

Acacia Wears:
Skin: Katya 03 - Jamaica by Glam Affair
Hair: Erase and Rewind by Exile
Patch: Eden Patch - Skull by Mays Soul
Ears: Fantasy Elf Ears by Mandala NEW!!!
Tattoo: makeups v12 07 by +Nuuna+
Outfit: Kink - Pink by SUGAR
Gloves: Bish Gloves - Black by
Boots: Lace Up Gladiator Sandals by ISON


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