Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Never was a girl with a wicked mind...

Posted by Acacia at 16:04
I have ze newness for you my pretties! We have this fantastic skirt from Suicidal Unborn, released last night I simply had to have it. Muchos grabby hands and raiding the credit card ensued :O I'm a long time fan of SU, having shopped there for many years and since long before mesh was around, the styles and items are consistently excellent quality and fun to boot! The Galiah skirt is no exception. It's just darling! It comes in many designs so get your butts down there and find some goodies. I also had to, and I mean had to pair it with Auxiliary's Cardi and Top combo, currently sitting at C88. I cannot resist anything with a Doctor Who theme annnd the bad wolf logo was no exception... In some lights I even feel it looks Tardis blue, but I could be getting my mind on :P I should really put the geek back in the box before I start gushing about Nine and Rose, or Ten and Rose, or Game of Thrones, or possibly even Sherlock...So, all I will leave you with my darlings is this... Allons-y!

Word of the Day: Hornswoggle

Tune of the Day: The Pretty Reckless - Make Me Wanna Die

Skin: Magenta Skin - Asia 01 by  Glam Affair@Seasons Story NEW!!!
Hair: Willow 2 by Chemistry
Headband: Bonehead [bone] rare by .r.M. (Mainstore Gacha)
Eye Makeup: S.Eyeliners M6 - Silver by Damned
Scar: Creep by .Pekka.
Cardi/Shirt: Loose Cardi with Top by Auxiliary@ C88 NEW!!!
Skirt: Galiah Skirt 07 by -SU!- NEW!!!
Tights: Pistol Tights by Q
Socks: Lady Rebel Socks 03 by -SU!-
Shoes: Clinics - Black by Flite. NEW!!!


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