Wednesday, 5 March 2014

I cracked my head and broke my... I cracked my head and broke my heart

Posted by Acacia at 05:52
Good afternoon my lovelies, leg is still bust! I do keep wishing I'll wake up in the shower and it will all have been a dream, alas! Nope :( Anywho's I bring thee goodies from WCF2 annnd The Arcade once again. :et me just rant about my glorious hair for a moment. I now have 43 Tableau Vivant petite hairs, 43 to get the one I really wanted lol I did get another rare, but passed it onto a friend, but now, after over 2000l I have my sleepy head hair and I am sated! I adore it, and shant be taking it off for as long as I can possibly manage. The hair came with a rare kitty for on your head, but personally I like my pony from the pastel pack. I also decided to pop some kerfluffle sheeps from Half Deer into the shot, they are utterly adorable and super cute! And of course we have Glam Affairs Arcade offering the Aria skin, she really is beautiful and the same attention to detail as all other Glam skins. And finally we have the dress this snazzy little number from Sassy is available at WCF2 and comes in a variety of colours from denim to latex, and not forgetting my personal favourite the pink lace one I am currently sporting. The dress comes with all the usual appliers, and different mesh skirt options for them. How organised! It really is lovely and I fely it went splendidly with my new hair do!

Happy Shopping! ♥

Word of the Day: Magnum opus

Tune of the Day:  Hurt - Falls Apart

Skin: Asia - Combination 06 by Glam Affair @The Arcade NEW!!!
Eyeliner:  Aria Eyeliner 01 by Glam Affair @The Arcade NEW!!!
Hair: Sleepy Head -Rare 1 and Jezibell the pony petite pastels by Tableau Vivant @The Arcade NEW!!!
Dress: Addiction - Pink Lace by ~Sassy!~ @WCF3 NEW!!!
Tattoo: Triskelion (hand Applier) by elska@Luck of the Irish New!!! (could not find direct lm, will keep trying)
Socks: Skeem Socks - Mustache by Chary
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Black by J's
Sheeps: Kerfluffle Sheep - Strawberry (rare), Chantilly, Starlight and Apricot by +Half-Deer+ @The Arcade NEW!!!


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