Thursday, 25 October 2012

Carry on my wayward son...

Posted by Acacia at 11:48
So, I'm now addicted to Supernatural, Shaggy is 100% to blame, and i'm fine with this. The show is fecking epic, if like me you've been living under a rock since 2004 remove head from sphincter and watch it nao, kthx. <3.
 onto SL, Ive been shopping, hit the Costume ball event today, picked up some nummy goodies from ploom, purple poses, pekka, cracked mirror and Deetalez. Wasabi are due to jump in shortly too, so advisable that you hop into the update group :O More on the sl front, yesterday I looked at notices and grabbed a free dj shift at 12pm without reading the event info... Boy I wish I had...This week is Acacia's 5th rezzday, and unbeknown to me, the higher ups at Sanctuary (going out on a limb and blaming Lainey and Guenny) had set up the noon event to be, well, my event, the theme was me... Cue two hours of amusement and embarassment heh, but it was wonderful, annnnd I was sent a gift admist the chaos :P dinosaur sock poppets courtesy of Taber (thank you again!) and frankly, the chances of getting me to stop using them are really low, so theyre featuring in this weeks pics. :D Muaz to all, and here's to me not spending another 5 years djing!

Word of the day: Flatulence (courtesy of Shaggy o.o)


Look of the day:

Shape: Made by moi (about to start selling them again meep!)
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: Ploom - Sha @ Costume Ball
Tattoo: Utopiah My Wonderland
Ears: Mandala Stretched Ears *New*
Collar: [Forge] Chained Rose Black
Undies: Deetalez SuperCute lingerie set (Can buy appliers for you prim booby lovers out there too!)
Shoes:ChaChaDee- Me Glamarous Black
Puppets: From left to right - Dean and Sammy :P

Muah and stuffs


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