Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Written In Blood...

Posted by Acacia at 20:48
  Yay, it's Halloween! I love halloween, I'm a big fan of dressing up and making a tool of yourself, sadly it's not such a big deal over here, and as i'm now pretty ancient, i'm not so into the partying scene heh, no clubbing in rl kthx :P Aside from that, once again, I have a cold... (again -.-) Anyways, I had a little help for this post, as an aside, funny how hard it is to catch a man... When he's running away and you're in heels...

Word of the day: Rectum... I really am going to stop letting Shaggy choose these...

Song of the day:


Now for the looks, we'll start with Shaggy...

Shaggy is wearing:

Little Britain Mummy Av (and that's all he's wearing, hawt!)

And now for meeeeeee!

Shape: One of mines (Others available on marketplace, more to come plus inworld store)
Skin: League Isla Fair
Hair: Burley Magnate Stasia
Makeup:Corvus Evil Eye, Repulse LobotomyStiches
Teeths: Contraption The Demon Grin
Collar: Forge Chained Rose
Key: dl:: Dolls Key Rose
Dress: !RT Beige Corset + Vintage Bodice
Blood: Repulse Blood
Shoes:lassitude & ennui Thecla boots
Socks:Canimal Socks over stockings

Loves and stuffs <3 muah!


Blueray Portal on 2 November 2012 at 09:12 said...

You're finally gonna start selling your shapes :P
Contraption mouths are great, I got one :D

Acacia on 3 November 2012 at 01:35 said...

Yes, yes, shapes are available :P They were a long time ago, until I got bored with keeping up with the whole commerce thing :P

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