Thursday, 11 October 2012

Give me release...

Posted by Acacia at 15:12
So hands up if youve ever done something monumentally stupid and upset someone you cared about? Everyone yeah?  I did today :( Not going into details, but i'm all emo now. Lame-zoids, I think or rather hope it'll be ok, but meh, sucks. I have a terrible habbit, I'm actually a people pleaser, I find it hard to be honest with people, in the sense if someones pissing me off I cant just come right out and say will you get the fuck off my lawn you irritating twat-bag. I wish I could. Like reaaaaaallllyyyy wish I could. But I'm a fecking pussy. I'm working on it. I kicked over 100 people from my skype friends list last night, actually closer to 200, and about 100 from my sl friend list, and yeah, it felt good, there's people on there I flat out hadnt spoken to in years, why would they be on that list? That's just daft o.o makes it unmanagable... If we chat or I need you for work, you stay, if not buh-bye... Why is that such a big deal... We don't fluffing talk! I'm not you're bloody bff! Chances are you added me randomly anyways as I rarely add people (I'm lazy) Anyways, back to my emo ways... You know who you are, and I am sorry :( I am working on growing a pair, just uhh not literally, don't think you'd like that too much o.o Anyways, my look of the day/week/month, whatevers it happens to be :P

Word of the day: Docile
Tune of the day: EsOterica -Silence

Oh you get one proper blog pic and the fancy schmancshy one i did for a flickr thingy majigy :o


Shape: Made by moi!
Skin: League - Isla Fair
Hair: Burley Elizabeth magnate pastel 09
Eyes: Clemmm Glass eyes white (Alex!!! *shakes tiny fist*)
Cosmetics: (eyes) Kyoot cateyes bardot (lips) Pekka Homicidal shiver
Nails: dl:: sculpted long nails
Crown: Burley your highness crown (colour edited)
Gloves: +pe+ Gothic Rose
Collar:** Bound Collar Black mamba
Dress:Glam Affair lena Dress Black
Shrug: *dg* Obscure
Leggings: *Sheer* leggings 26 Torn Semi-Opaque
Shoes: N-core Triumph
Chair: Mudhoney Prestige Medallion Chair
Picture: Made by moi :O


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