Sunday, 4 August 2013

You're such a freak, so I fall apart...

Posted by Acacia at 05:09
Afternoon my lovelies! I have some new gorgeousness for you today, and some slightly less new :P Firstly we have these utterly stunning and delightful Beach Shorts from Traphouse Collective, they come in six different designs, all equally as cute, but I plumped for the cutesy Streetpark ones, the pinks and blues and overall cartoony look to them instilled that grabby hands must have feeling in me. I also took a little wander down to Zibska, there's a 100l clearance sale on the end of some of her lines, so I went with the full intention of picking up a few sale pieces. Did not happen, instead I left with the glorious Lupe set, which comes with a colour change hud, and is easy to match to whatever you happen to be wearing. Bracelets and earrings are also included. We also have one of Plooms more recent styles, this is not one from the hair fair, this was only given a store release, but it's still utterly gorgeous and I love the way the bangs frame the face. And finally shoes, I've been wearing Helena by Redgrave a lot recently, and I do have good reasons for this, they're exceptionally easy to colour match to any skin, and not only that but the shoes themselves are colour change, so again, easy to match to any outfit. Aside from that they're simply to die for, and we have a winner, every girly needs these shoes (And possibly some boys too!) My song of the day is inspired by what I'm listening to currently, I guess I'm on a doomy goth kick :P We have a little Samael, some Gothminister, Deathstars and Sentenced... But I stuck with the Gothminister for a title since the lyrics make me smile. I am off to hunt down a lesser spotted Shaggy, last night is the first decent nights sleep Ive had in days, my poor love monkey has had to put up with my PMS and severe pain (I really do feel for him, I've been a grumpy a**hole!) Anywho's have a great day! And happy shopping <3
Oh, oh, also expect muchos ranting and or squeezing from me in the next couple of days/weeks/months, they announce the new Doctor on the BBC tonight!!! Come 7pm I'll be sat on the couch glaring at the TV :P

Word of the Day: Rarefied

Tune of the Day: Gothminister - Freak

Skin: Harley - Vanilla by Pink Fuel NEW!!!
Hair: June - Candy by .ploom. Recent!!!
Tattoo: Feathers - Recolorable by [Plastik]
Horns: Snicker Horns by ~Illusions~
Jewellery: Lupe by Zibska
Shorts: Girls Beach Shorts - Streetpark by Traphouse Collective NEW!!!
Shoes: Shoes: Helena by Redgrave

Location: My house! <3 No tp kthx :P


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