Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cows, overpriced cigarettes and the meaning of life...

Posted by Acacia at 06:57
Yesterday I took it upon myself to go on an uber long drive to the north of Scotland, the reasoning for this was quite simple at the time a) it gave the new car a little stretch (this is my first ever brand new car, 2011 plates baby! Rawr) and secondly, an old friend of my mums son was wrestling in Peterhead (buttfuck nowhere) we set off at 2pm, and didnt get home until 2am. I love Scotland, it truly is a beautiful country, but holy fuck, it's crap up there! I grew up in Edinburgh, which for all intent and purpose is a large and fairly bustling city, I cannot honestly imagine living up north, no matter how cute the damn cows are (and theyre effing cute!) Also, £7 for a packet of marlboro lights? Fook off, I resent paying £6 in asda -.-
Now onto the trials and sorrows of second life... This week I have had 0 drama, it's been awesome :P
Allrighty, ive been dragged into other peoples bollocks, but, well, at least when it's other peoples I can sit and giggle in the corner while nodding sympathetically.

Word of the day: Passion
Tune of the day: Squeeze- Heaven Knows

Look of the day:
Shape: Home made by moi
Skin: Laq Tess2 Nougat, with cleavage enhancement
Boots: Last Eden - Tall Boots
Stockings: >>Roots<< 00L10004.S(80Den)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Snakebite
Hair: >TRUTH HAIR< Maya Streaked - Cherry
Bikini: ~*RunoRuno*~ Ribbon Bikini
See other posts for additional accessories.


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