Sunday, 19 September 2010

Shiver me timbers...

Posted by Acacia at 05:28
It is in fact international talk like a pirate day, of course i decided to see if anyone in real life knew this, but alas no, walking into your local Tesco and asking for "Twenty marrrggghlboro lights me harties" Pretty much just grants you a whole host of funny looks...Ive decided to let acacia look a little piratical for the day, fun and games! I logged in this morning to some of the most demented IM's ive seen in ages, ranging from complaints about music to some random person asking me for a dj application with almost one word per line...
"ur not on" (way to go captain obvious)
"I want to DJ" (wonderful, we all need goals)
"I can sing" (what the hell, this made me stare blankly at the PC for a few moments...)
"I wan application" (this was typod to hell, but this is roughly the translation)

Suffice to say my IM's were capped o.o I havent mentioned but I manage the DJ's in sl for an epicly awesome rock club called Sanctuary Rock Ive been working/hanging out here on and off since 2006. And as a self confessed music addict this is defintley the best place for me to be :P
 We have a wonderful staff, and it's really an enjoyable place to work, and a fun family to be a part of.
Onto the look of the day, wheee...And yush, i'm including slurls where available!

Shape: I made it, and I am willing to throw together custom shapes :P
Skin: Laq- tess2 (including cleavage enhancer all nougat)
Tattoo: ::Para Designs:: Paisley Temptress
Feet: Slink- Jolie Barefoot Mid Height
Hair: !lamb. Glass Candy (w/o) - Ink (bought at hair fair)
Hair Base: booN vine shaved hair base red (free gift at hair fair)
Bracelets and nails: *X*plosion B.A.N.GALLANT
Pants: [Cynful] Orange Bottom ~ Skull
Tank: [Miseria] Girl eats Boy - Grey
Ears: SP - Heavy Pierced Elven Ears
Collar: Cobrahive -Nemi- (studs)


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