Monday, 20 September 2010

Nostradamus ate my hamster... ☠

Posted by Acacia at 13:56
So, I despise confrontation, I hate firing people, and I dislike giving warnings... So why, oh why, please dear reader tell me, do people insist on bating me?
 For example; At Sanctuary we play rock, we play metal and recently we decided some industrial and ebm would be allowed also... It has and always will be a rock club, it is not called Sanctuary Rap, nor Sanctuary feel Good Pop!(™Guen) I have sent countless notices to staff deatiling the allowed music (as have previous dj managers) And things have never changed in the respect of what isnt playable... So why, after all this, must people still continue to do it? Then of course, when I eventually have to pull them up (usually due to complaints) I'm made out to be a bad bastard, hell satan incarnate even... Spoiling there fun, well sweetheart, what about my fun? Hmm? When's it my turn to enjoy myself and not get dragged into countless IM's with argumentative so and so's whining over how i'm ruining their slifes :P Le sigh, the job of the devils hand maiden is never done eh? In all honesty I avoid confrontation in my day to day life also, I get flustered and upset. I was brought up with manners and the respect for others, and believe I'm due the same courtesy in return, gawd if I actually dislike someone I tend to be overly polite with a pinch of condescension. Alas enough ranting, back to the fun and frolics of my slife/life. I got the BEST thing ever today in sl all thanks to a Sanctuary Rock patron (ty again Rodz!) A prim raptor skeleton av, so now all I need to do is prod Guen repeatedly until she gives me a caveman event!

Word of the day ღ : narcissism
  ♪♫Tune of the day♫♪: The Eels- Fresh Blood
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Shape: Made by moi!
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~Lainey~ on 21 September 2010 at 09:34 said...

RAP??? GAH! Rap needs to be burned and sent to hell er wait no cause I live in hell so um just burn it all! *hugs* <3

Blueray Darkes on 23 September 2010 at 15:43 said...

I wanna see the skele raptor av! Did you know in the expansion of WoW, you will be able to get a skeleton raptor mount? No I aint shitting ya

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