Saturday, 29 June 2013

I feel so unsure as I take your hand and lead you to the dance floor...

Posted by Acacia at 13:13
Good evening lovelies, I have pretties for you today! This stunning dress from SAKIDE was only 10l @the Docks, UNTZ! And I love it, the cut outs and back details are super smexy, and it has long sleeves so hides those nasty SL wrists beautifully! I'm also sporting the cute and prettyful Apple Moustache hair from .b a side project of Analog Dog, I don't shop at AD a whole lot these days, but this hair is simply stunning! Do not make my mistake though, I used area search on the sim and could only find the petite version with it >.> Took a lot of camming to find the regular, make sure you don't buy the petite, unless of course you are a petite, err yeah...  Short post, because I'm harassing mister hyper face Shaggy monster (He's had waaaay too much sugar today) and waiting on a nice American lady showing up to pick up/buy my unused spare washing machine, I feel a dishwasher would be much happier in it's spot, so finally I stuck an add online and said come get it :O Anywho's, enjoy the look! <33
Since I was a lazy ass and didn't get post out before she arrived, w.machine is sold, and I got a take away for tea! Omnom! <3

Word of the Day: Vilify

Tune of the Day: Seether - Careless Whisper (Why? Because everything's sexy when careless whisper plays!)

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences
Hair: Apple Moustache - Pop by .b
Dress: Industrial Dress by [ SAKIDE ] NEW!!
Collar: Posture Collar no.04 by (r)M
Cross Necklace: Pyr Cross Necklace - Black by .Pekka.
Razor Necklace: Mercenary - 3 Strikes Razor by -.HoD.-
Piercing: The Crow's Crux - Razor by -.HoD.-
Earrings: Flight Earrings - Crow by Paper Doll
Makeup: Face Ink by -UtopiaH-
Headband: Crown of Thorns by RO
Tights: Cross Printed Tights by Q
Boots: Tall Leather Boots by Slink


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