Saturday, 6 July 2013

Oh God I would not normally pray, save me from darkness, let it drift away...

Posted by Acacia at 10:02
Props are COOL! Yes, yes they are, this post is about as random as they come. Those who know me, or have me on Facebook know I'm a massive Doctor Who fan, like Whovian level of geeky dorkiness... But, this is not a bad thing, if you haven't watched the show, give It a chance :P It's got everything, hot men, hot women, Captain Jack Harkness who's kinda like both almost. You have the Doctors bff who's also his wife's mother, it's all very soap opera but wound and neatly tied in a wonderful BBC Sci-Fi ribbon. I've been watching the doctor and hiding behind the sofa since I was incredibly young, and I still adore it. So, I digress, my point, at the last round of the Arcade I spammed the hopscotch gacha until I got the Doctor Who props pack, I just had to, and I also brought my shopping buddy along for this post (see pics!) I'm also sporting these stunning wee Capri's from SAKIDE, theyre available until tomorrow only I believe at the Flux event, so get a move on! We also have some taketomi and admiral spicy. I'm so, so happy taketomi redid the Burley Ana hair in mesh, I wore this to death when it originally came out, and I still loves it! Alrighty, on with the look, I'm off to send a search party out for love-monkey Shaggy face, I think he lost himself to Dance! :O

Word of the Day: Integrant

Tune of the Day: SITD - Sentiment (My current obsession/addiction/fave song this week :P)

Acacia is wearing:

Skin: Cleo - America 10 by Glam Affair
Hair: Ana - Karafuru01 by [taketomi] NEW!!
Top: Hawt Mesh Top - Dark by !admiral Spicy!
Capris: Denim Stars Capris - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Flux NEW!!
Props: Props are Cool by HopScotch
Boots: Long Studded Boots - Black by J's

Bibbilybob the Dalek is wearing:

Bag: Neato Tote by -tb-


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