Saturday, 13 July 2013

You got me sprung with your tongue ring...

Posted by Acacia at 15:45

As I am not the bravest blogger I have not yet braved the hair, but I shall! I spent most of yesterday trying on demos, and I am uber excited to get my grubby wee paws on the real things but fighting the lag in the mood I'm in is not something that seems like a wise move, I can see curling irons being inserted into prim private areas... :O Events as always bring out the selfish beings, the ones who flat out refuse to remove the over scripted attachments/huds/ao's and take others into consideration, what's that about? Can't we all think of each other and enjoy our mutual hair/skin/thingy love? Please for the sake of all that is primy wonderfulness take your stuff off! :P Anyways, I bring you hair gloriousness from another are, Truth released a new bevy of beauties, and here is just one! I also have a few stunningly fantastic pieces from SL fashion week! Enjoy! I need to get on with this post, but BBC's Pride and Prejudice is on and I'm having a moment thinking about how likely it would be to get Shaggy in one of those flouncy white shirts jumping into a pond with floppy black hair...

edit: My internet started buggering about while writing this and I had an awful job getting it stable enough to get it done :S it's taken close to three hours!!!! Not good, on an I just quit smoking day meep!

Word of the Day: Sisyphean

Tune of the Day: Crazy Town - Butterfly

Skin: Lulu - America 01 by Glam Affair @C88 NEW!!
Hair: Genesis - Black&Whites01 by Truth NEW!!
Tattoo: L'Amant by [White~Widow]
Horns: My Demonic Black Horns by -UtopiaH- @Sl Fashion Week NEW!!
Earrings(Worn on horns): Arsenal - Silver by RO @Sl Fashion Week NEW!!
Necklace and Bracelets: Pearl Color Necklace & Bracelets / Red- Silver by {me.} @SL Fashion Week NEW!!
Forearms Bracelets: Celestial Bracelets by Cute Poison @SL Fashion week NEW!!
Nails: Silver Snake Nail Rings by Mstyle
Eyes: Tortured - Black/ Creature of the Night - Blind by .ID.
Garters: Gun Shy Garter - Black by ::DirtyMind:: @SL Fashion Week NEW!!
Shirt: Boobie Shirt - Skull by [LF] @SL Fashion Week NEW!!
Boots: Myx Boots - Skulls by :::insanya:::


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