Friday, 25 January 2013

And I would walk 500 miles...

Posted by Acacia at 11:25
Well my teeny haggis's of doom and retribution, it's burns night! Yay omnom haggis (shup, I like it!)
I also feel the plural of haggis should be Haggii... It just sounds better, it's silly, we scots get two national holidays a year and they arent even real holidays, no time off work/school! Burns night and St. Andrews day, and theyre grouped together too, so for the rest of the year we get sweet fook all :o
Shaggy and I are both back playing Borderlands, him moreso than me, I think he's just trying to catch up on my bajillion hours game time :O And he also has me mildly addicted to SWOTR, havent played wow for a bit, I took a break when I bust my hand, and I think this break may last a couple of months at least... Anywho's, on with the post!

No word today, just a wee poem! To a moose by Robert Burns (Ya'll need some culture!)

Tune of the Day: The Proclaimers - 500 Miles


             Hair: Morrisania by Damselfly (edited a lot)
And one last pic to leave you with <3 ta ra pumpkins!


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