Saturday, 5 January 2013

I'm down on my knees, I wanna take you there...

Posted by Acacia at 15:07
Hi my little angel faced cupcake fairies! Firstly, ive been meaning to blog this shirt from NV for well over a week and just havent gotten around to it, damn festive season, I did get a bit carried away, I have it in a fair few styles, but, decided to blog away from my usual black... Added to that a skin from the gacha event that Glam Affair added, new Truth and TDRF Auxiliary pants! Omnomnom, happy shopping days :p DJ'd this morning again, bejebus, I'm keen... o.o Also, at Sanctuary was where I came across the little gem that is my tune of the day, ive heard this version before but alas, had forgotten about it, anywho's while i was boogying away and discussing with batman (lovemonkey/assmonkey/hobbit fetishist) how when women beat you it means they secretly wanna bang you (You know it's true) DJ Axl played it and I have now pinched it! So yuh, tune! Mines! He owes me anyways, I covered his set while he was being anal probed by aliens :D My delightful partner in crime also changed his display name to I'm with stupid today... Don't know how to take that :P

Word of the day: Desire

Tune of the day: Jay Smith - Like a Prayer

And now Pics!

Shape: Acacia by Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Glam Affair-Renee- Fairy Tales 01 (Gacha event)
Eyes: ID Creature of the Night v2 colorless
Hair: Truth Zuzka Fades Pumpkin Pie
Makeup: [M]Eyeliner -Cateye
Piercings: Puncture dermal spikes collarbone, smiley piercing and eye piercing.
HoD Thrust (hips)
Gloves: Glue Ink ree Gloves Floral
Nails: dl:; sculpted long nails
Shoes: 2real Pure
Pants: Aux Belted Flares Black Skulls (TDRF)
Shirt: NV Loose Shirt Golden Cross
Bra: Fishy Strawberry Ignition Black

Goodbye my little scrumptious tartlettes enjoy your weekends of wonderfulness! Unless it's shit, then... Don't, I guess... >.<


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