Wednesday, 23 January 2013

There is no way for you to win this race...Criss, cross and turn your shit inside out.

Posted by Acacia at 16:29
Good evening you pleasant little parfaits of awesome, what an exciting couple of days it's been, I have a stalker!! In sl, so not that awesome :( But still, it's intriguing to know someone cares enough to be spying on me and sending messages to Shaggy from an alt, I mean really, sounds like kinda a dull existense... They must really hate me, or really want in his pants! (You coulda just asked yanno, I may have been up for pimping Batman out to you!) We all know he's only dating me to get in my ma's knickers anyway! Anywho's Sexiness from HoD, Truth, Maitreya, Glam Affair and EtchaFlesh... Untz, Enjoy <3 While I go learn the ninja ways and battle my nemesis or umm something! And if my Stalker McStalkerson is reading this... Get a life buttstallion.

Ps. Dork Knight <3

Word of the Day: Intrigue

Tune of the Day: Deadmau5 - Sofi needs a Ladder


Love and Popsicles to one and all, except scary stalkery types with no lifes o.o


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