Saturday, 12 January 2013

Never go away, Never dissapear...

Posted by Acacia at 11:50
Good evening my little unicorns of gaiety, today I once again ventured back to my favourite sim of all HuMaNoiD, if you havent been here, go now... Each of these doors take you into a whimsical little world, it's a wonderful place to sit and chill or take pics. earlier I had a play at C88 and of course shopped until I dropped, and shall be showing off some pretty clobber for you today! And much to the joy of Shaggy there shall be no bewbs! Not that he doesn't enjoy bewbs he just feels mine are his, and should not be shared with the masses :P

Word of the Day: Tits-Bacon (Shaggy on reading blog... Tits-Bacon is not a word... so... you get two words, you can have Spoilsport too!)

Tune of the Day: Cold - Suffocate



 And now for details of my little lookeloo! (Blame rather strong pain pills for my talking utter bollocks)

Shape: Acacia By Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly by Glam Affair (I know, I know, I should blog something else, but I lovey it)
Eyes: City Lights in Blue and Hazel by .ID.
Hair: Sound by [e]
Hair Bow: bow2 funk by (Tokid)
Makeup: Eyeliner - Cateye by [M] Not available.
Nails: Sculpted long nails by dl::
Bracelets and Anklets: Bold Ankle cuffs Titanium (c88) by *BOOM*
Left Ring and Necklace: Teardrop gemstone set - Emerald by (Yummy) (c88)
Right Ring: Black Cranium Ring -Green by [SAKIDE]
Piercings: Eye Piercing (studs), Smiley Piercing - Open Barbell by <-Puncture->
Shirt: Glitter Peplum -Cream by (fd) (c88)
Shorts: Zia denim Short - Mesh ~ Dark Blue by [Cynful]
Shoes: Millside Flats - Onyx by [e]

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend my adorable, diminutive gargoyles of geniality! <33


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