Thursday, 31 January 2013

If I gotta sin to see her again then I'm gonna lie, lie, lie...

Posted by Acacia at 14:26
Good evening you little pickles of destiny, and how are you all doing today? Wonderful? Well I'm glad, not a hair on your blessed wee heads should ever be harmed, or erm, something... I have more Truths! Amongst other stuff for you :o There is more? I hear you cry out across the interwebs, YES my cherubs, there is more! I also wandered off to Toxia for these pics, I RP'd there for many years, hit level cap before I left but in the scheme of things i'd be back to being a baby again now compared to others... I really thought I'd get all nostalgic for RP, even the combat considering I now have the uber gaming pc, but newp, no urge to get back into it. The build however is still as spectacularly dark as ever and I still have many an incredibly happy memory of Tox, and some of my best friends came from there. Anwho's on with the blog!

Word of the Day: Cadence

Tune of the Day: Puscifer - Rev 22:20 (4:20 mix)


 Skin: Amberly by Glam Affair           
    Hair: Ursula by Truth (fades-seasand)      
Shorts/Skirt/Thingy: Circus Jerk Black by *!t
Have fun my shiny happy people, that is your lot for now <3                  
Ps. This is for Shaggy, as I didnt mention him!! <3



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