Monday, 19 August 2013

I am your fantasy, the essence of your dreams...

Posted by Acacia at 07:59
I have newness! I had a couple of little shopping trips and picked up some utterly stunning items from SL Fashion Week, TDRF, Perfect Wardrobe, Truth and Suicidal Unborn... I am utterly in love with this Sash skin by Essences. This particular skin is the TDRF version, there are three makeup options, Acacia wears number three, and it is beautiful, to me it's reminiscent of a porcelain doll, perfect and unscathed. Truths new releases are also something to behold, This hair, Lyma is wonderful (Cue awkward moment when I closed blog accidently and started whining at poor shaggy because it only auto saved to here -.-) Anyways, where was I? Hair! Lyma, from the front it could possibly be pigtails, but from the back it's a massively bouffant ponytail. My hair does this unintentionally in RL, and I can safely say it's never looked this good :P We also have this gorgeous and colourful necklace from Glow Studio, some delectably short shorts from Cynful, very cute sneakers from Whatever and one of Suicidal Unborns newly released tank tops. All in all, I adore this outfit, right down to the floral Tokid Travelling bag!

Word of the Day: Od

Tune of the Day: Crucified Barbara - Into The Fire

Skin: Sash - Bittersweet 03 by Essences @ TDRF NEW!!!
Hair: Lyma [Roots] - Colours02Fade by Truth NEW!!!
Necklace: Flower Stone by [ glow ] @TDRF NEW!!!
Upper Tattoo: Nothing Else by -UtopiaH- @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Lower Tattoo: Yensh Tattoo - Female by SOUIRIRES @Perfect Wardrobe NEW!!!
Shirt: Vintage Tanktop 09 by Suicidal Unborn NEW!!!
Shorts: Isia Jeans Shorts - Camo by [Cynful] @ TDRF  NEW!!!
Sneakers: Sportsneaker - Black by [whatever] @ SL Fashion Week NEW!!!
Bag: Travelling Bag - Flowers by (TokiD) @ TDRF NEW!!!


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