Friday, 30 August 2013

It started out of envy, oh my wicked selfish heart...

Posted by Acacia at 08:51
Second post of the day!! because my ISP are jerk faces, and I slacked when poochy was ill... I have newness!!! CK Winx of Luck Inc has released these stunningly sexy body suits for TBS, so I just had to saunter over and pick em up, along with Utopiah's very pretty Astral Boobies tattoo, so of course I pew pew'd up for this one (Basically stuck on the tangos). I also bring you some very awesome newness from my newest sponsor, Darkware, the creative mind behind this store (Which is soley on the marketplace for now) Is Vox Mortis, his main goal with the store appears to be keeping it fresh while maintaining a certain darkness... I adore getting demonic and gothy, so these boots complete with leg warmers are entirely to my taste, they come in a multitude of colour combinations, and many different size options, and to me have a hint of the cyber punk which influenced this look greatly... I hope you enjoy, and happy shopping. :D Hopefully by the time I post this Shaggy will have stopped singing the Eastenders theme at me o.0

Word of the Day: Twerp

Tune of the Day: XP8 - Want It (Frozen Plasma Remix)

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 02 by Glam Affair @ C88
Hair: Steph - Infinity by Alice Project
Horns: Acantha Horns - Black by .random.Matter.
Makeup: Wrath Face Paint 03 by Delusions
Piercing 1: Missy Chest Piercing by .Pekka. @TBS NEW!!!
Piercing 2: Christian cross piercing by -UtopiaH-
Mask: Surgical Nurse mask by Razor//
Tattoo: Sleeve Tattoo - Devils Advocate by Delusions
Tango Tattoo: Astral Boobies Tattoo by - UtopiaH- @TBS NEW!!!
Arm Warmers: Incubus Armwarmers by [ SAKIDE ]
Bodysuit: Lace Body - Black by @TBS NEW!!!
Belt: NAU Combat Belt by The Abyss
Tights: Fishnet wide - Black by erratic
Boots: Zombie Boots - Pink/Goth by {DarkWare} NEW!!!


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