Friday, 1 February 2013

One, two, three... Here I come with the wicked...

Posted by Acacia at 14:22
Good evening my little chickadee', I had no urge to blog this evening until this delicious little item crossed my path courtesy of the one and only Kinu Mayako (the one and only number one wifey <3) and creator of all things SAKIDE, I digress...The dress! This dress is summed up in two words, FUCKING EDIBLE! Ive already seen it blogged by another wifey Ms.Shyn, so I decided to take it in another direction, but, it needs to be seen, and worn, and quite possibly licked o.o not taking it off! I may have a temprature, can you tell? Both my wittle dork knight and I are under the weather d'aww, so I'm off to watch Suits with him and get cosy.

Word of the Day: Wicked

Tune of the Day: Cold - Just got Wicked

Muaz and germy unwell cooties to one and all! <3


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