Monday, 6 May 2013

Invigoration, angulation, moral acts of indignation...

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Good afternoon lovelies, I have newness for you today in the shape of pants! Fuh.Q have released these stunning pants in many a design and they are simply oh so damned cute. I adore the current popularity of wide sash waists and skinny legs, it's adorable. And these are a wonderful addition to any spring wardrobe. The only issue, is the sizing, they come in small, medium and large, and sadly if you have a smaller or more petite Barbie they will have you reaching for the sliders in the hip/ass area. It's a minor infraction for something so cute, and I for one am quite willing to make a saddle-bag sacrifice. With over 16 designs to choose from I'll only be sharing a sample from each pack, but take my word for it, entirely worth purchasing. On a non fashion related note, I am back in World of War-Crack! (Blame Shaggy!) I promise, scouts honour not to let the game get in the way of the blog... Again :P we rerolled horde chars yesterday and swapped rolls, my mains a hunter, his was a priest, so now I have a baby priest and he has a baby hunter, and guess what! It's fun again! I always have oodles of fun when we play games together. It's kinda how we hooked up, D3, lot's of bear gear... Homo-erotic suggestion, romance etc.

Word of the Day: Indignation

Tune of the Day: VNV Nation - Cold

Pants From Top Left to Right: IZARA Skinnies - Leopard, ZP Skinnies - Purple
 and REBEL Skinnies -Blue all by FUH.Q

Skin: Margot - America 04 by Glam Affair
Makeup: Margot Makeup 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Gemini - My Little Pony by !lamb.
Headband: Bullet Headband -black by crush
Choker: The Shadow Lord Choker by Ronsem
Bewbs: Tango by Lolas
Facial and Chest Tattoos: Combat Ink Set - #2 by -UtopiaH-
Wrist and Hip Tattoos: Cross Tattoos by Bias. (currently having a 55L retirement sale)
Upper Arm Tattoo: Into the sea you n me by [Reckless]
Bracelets: Bold Wrist Cuff - Titanium by *BOOM*
Shoes: Coquette - Clear Pink by N-core
Top: Missy Top Black w/appliers by **
Pants: REBEL Skinnies - Purple by FUH.Q NEW!

Ta- ra lovelies! <3


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