Thursday, 23 May 2013

Let's go to bed before you say something real, let's go to bed before you say how you feel...

Posted by Acacia at 12:21
*Bounces* Because it's you! It's always you! Tra la la... Ok, I cannot actually get this song out of my head... I just love it. Rather sad I know, but's it's simply ace. Anywho's sorry once again for being a slacker pants but give me this one it was my birthday on Tuesday, and then I had to spend yesterday and last night reading one of the epic books I received (The new Stephen Leather 'Nightshade') It's just... I think I'm in love with a fictional character, and it's not Mr Darcy. Anywho's fashion! I put together this little look for funs, I came over all demony after I did my first shift djing at demonic this morning (total blast) Possibly the most fun I've had djing in years, even when we crashed the sim (oops!) wonderful crowd and no genre constraints! Yay! So enjoy the look and I'm off to read another birthday pressie, Shaggy got me zombie themed pressies including one of those choose your own fate books, it looks hysterical, sadly knowing my luck I'll be dead by page ten. le sigh.

Word of the day: Genethliac

Tune of the Day: The Vaccines - I always knew

Skin: Thursday 01 -beach by Essences
Hair: Gattina - Red05fade by Truth
Tattoo:  NightKandahar by Gok
Fades: Demon Fades - Noir by The Plastik
Antlers: Mythic Dryad Antlers - Silver by Epic
Ears: Feathered Ears by Spare Parts
Mask: Mesh face mask - Skulls  by Alterego
Dress: Mesh Skeletorn Bubble Dress - Black/Hot pink by Epic
Boots: Hoof Boots - Black by GW
Bangles: (quickly thrown together by me to cover dodgy wrists :O )

Muah! <3


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