Friday, 3 May 2013

Mutilation is the most sincere form of flattery...

Posted by Acacia at 06:08
Good afternoon m'dears! What a miserable bloody day it is here, I had all these plans to go do some gardening, wash the outside of my windows, and be... Productive... Alas, It's Scotland outside, rain is a season all on it's own. On the fashion front I have a couple of pieces of newness for you today, an adorable little mesh skirt from Girlicious, it comes with an easy to use colour change hud, and of course, the name meant I had to blog it, the Scottish skirt! It does look a bit more like a skater skirt than a kilt, but it has a tartanesque (New word, don't judge) design, and altogether, very cute. I also picked up these super-cute tights at fashion week, they have cute little knee designs, there's a few to choose from, or why not all? :P They're brought to us by okkbye, who consistently create some of the cutest shiz on the grid. Also, did I mention I'm in love with Landon Mode of reckless mesh sleeve tattoo's? I think this one has to be my favourite...Even the name makes me smile, into the sea, you n me. Onto a rant now, what is with putting silly little messages for people in profiles? I've even gone and done it now, someone made a bitchy comment about me in one, but really dear, it's been a year, get over yourself. We're happy, jealousy is not an attractive trait. Ps. You look like a man. (I get the impression she stalks from an alt) On the Shaggy and Neverwinter front, both are awesome, I'm really enjoying playing an mmo with him again, I missed that even if we did log like 200 hours in Diablo, doesn't count :D

Word of the Day: Ratiocination

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - Mutilation is the Most Sincere Form of Flattery

Skin: Thursday - 01 beach by Essences
Hair: Thrive - White 05 by [e]
Eye Makeup: Black Eyeliners - 4 by .Pekka. @The Cosmetics fair
Necklace: Broche necklace - Colour by ~Pepper~
Ring: Broche Ring by ~Pepper~
Skirt: Scottish Skirt by *+*Girlicious*+*
Shirt: Elyse Wrapped Tucked Tank - Black by Tee*fy
Tights: Kneepad Tights - Star by [okkbye] @ SL Fashion Week
Boots:  Kboots - black by Ju
Bag: Elegant Leather Bag - Black by [ SAKIDE ]
Tattoo: Into the sea you n me by [Reckless]

Muah! <3


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