Saturday, 8 June 2013

Oh maybe, maybe it's the things we say...

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Good afternoon my little turnips of joy! I have pretties today! Some new, some old, all fabulous! I started off having one look planned and then Truth did it again, he went and released new hair while I was off in ze land of nod, so, I was going to scrap the original shot and  take the pics again with new hair, but... No! I've decided you can have two looks today, because I'm just that giving... (Plus it was too much like hard work) So the newness, I have on the first look, a delicious little skirt release from Praxis, very cute and easy to find a size that works without shape editing (A long resounding yay from me) The mesh shirt in that pic is also cute as hell, not new as such, but new to me, it's from alterego, whom I loves muchlies, and I love the way the shirt wrinkles under the bust, so realistic.  Onto look two, we have wonderful newness from SAKIDE, Ms. Kinu, I don't know how you do it, damn near every hunt/event that goes on you manage to have some awesomely saucy little outfit for us, and frankly, we just don't deserve it! This one is for the Thrift Shop and runs from June 8th to 29th. The top is a fringed number called the slinky top, and it comes in variety of colours and with appliers. The Hakari skirt also comes in a variety of colours (I say skirt, but it's more of a belt =p) Yes, yes, it's short, but I love it...  In the second look you'll also spot a blindfold amongst other bits and bobs, this blindfold is not available in store, but I will be putting the makers name out there should you desire it. It's beautifully scripted and works on the RLV viewer, but aside from that it looks stunning, mesh of course, and a perfect fit, with all those little wrinkles you'd expect... And finally, Meester Truth has done it again, this hair, oh my word I am completely in love with it, She is called Candy and there's a hint of the vintage Marcel wave, absolutely bloody stunning. You need to own this. And on that note, I'm off to hunt down lesser spotted Shaggy monsters and DJ my little zombie socks off at Demonic... ta ra! <3

Word of the Day: Trousseau

Tune of the Day: Suede - Trash

Look One:
Look Two:

Look One:

Skin: Cleo - America 10 by Glam Affair
Hair: Gattina - Reds04Fade by Truth
Shirt: Half Top - rawrnstuff by {alterego}
Skirt: Chloe - Zebra by Praxis NEW!
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Black by J's
Socks: Striped Socks - red/white by erratic

Look Two:

Skin: Cleo - America 11 by Glam Affair
Hair: Candy - Reds04Fade by Truth NEW!
Skirt: Hakari Skirt - Pattern by [ SAKIDE ] @Thrift Shop NEW!
Shirt: Slinky Top - Black by [ SAKIDE ] @Thrift Shop NEW!
Boots: Tall leather Thigh Boots by Slink
Tights: Dots Tights - Black by Mstyle
Choker: Precious Bow Collar - Pitch by *BOOM*
Blindfold: RLV Blindfold by eteocles resident (IM in world and say plzkthx gimme)

Muah! ta ra lovelies <3


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