Tuesday, 4 June 2013

They said it changes when the sun goes down... Round here....

Posted by Acacia at 10:49
Good afternoon my lovelies! I have pretties for you today! Stunning Truth hairs and a bustier I meant to blog ages ago (my bad) annnnd poses, lots of new poses! I was piddling on the marketplace this morning looking for some new poses when like a fairy godmother sent from above Ms. Anesthasia Lyons (Spectacularly inventive mind behind Praxis) dropped into my box and waved her magical wand of yummy poses and dropped some on my head! So all the poses in these pics and probably all the pics for the next week or two at least shall be brought to us by Praxis! Onto non fashion related talk... How about that red wedding huh? =p I refuse to do spoilers for those who still haven't read the books (although this offends me slightly, books are ALWAYS better, come the f**k on and read em, dammit!) I love the book series and TV series, and thought HBO did a wonderful job of that particular scene, it was visceral and made me cringe. Not much causes that reaction, I'm not squeamish at all. But, I lived through it. There's been a lot of bitching about it being 'too much' I don't get it, shoving a child of a ledge, nudity, sex, and incest are ok, a massacre isn't? I just had this exact convo with Alex and she concurs :P It's nonsense and I for one am utterly looking forward to the finale and the next season... And my own king Rob managed not to cry like a bitch, Hi5! To him :P

Word of the day: Zither

Tune of the Day : Arctic Monkeys - Scummy Man



Skin: Cleo - 10 America by Glam Affair NEW!
Hair: Storm - RedsFade02 by Truth NEW!
Collar & Cuffs: Spiked Bracelets and Collar by Bowtique
Shirt: Melody Bustier  - Onyx by Truth (Older Fameshed item)
Pants: Leggings - Cross by Villena
Shoes: Delicious - Black by N-core
Makeup: Face Ink Makeup by -UtopiaH-
Tattoo: Reversed Cross by Corvus
Poses: Top and Middle from Modelling Set 1 ; Bottom from Goofing around pack (super cute!) by Praxis NEW!

Muah! Enjoy! <3


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