Wednesday, 26 June 2013

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Posted by Acacia at 07:49
Good afternoon my ickle pickles! I have some exceptionally pretty and a little bit different items for your perusal and pleasure today. I saw this outfit pop up in one of my syndication groups within SL last night just before I logged, and earmarked it for a 'must have' it's the newly released Whimsy mesh fairy outfit from Wishbox, I do love Wishbox, and back in my RP days I shopped there a lot, sadly now though I don't do a lot of 'fantasy' shopping, we shall need to remedy that don't you think? I decided to add some ploom to the look and went to pick up Helyanwe's newest release, which I did, but, of course, as always, minds change, and I ended up blogging a slightly older hair, it fit the look better in my humble opinion :P I'm still rocking my lovely shiny new Essences skin along with my slink hands and N-core feets, and a nail hud from PMD and the very talented Ms.Shyntae Demonista (My ex husband technically, but still my wife! So confusing!) The poses I'm rocking in these pics are also from Ploom, so it's a very ploomish sort of day! When I woke up I was hijacked by my beloved Shaggy monster to watch someone streaming the new Deadpool game, holy shit I need this game in my life, it's hysterically funny, and I do love Deadpool, he has to be my favourite Marvel character, the shit he comes out with and of course, the fact he breaks the fourth wall and knows he's a character makes it all the better. I can see this game getting a lot of hate from the critics, but let me tell you, they're numpties. Revamping superheroes is what the industry does best, take movies for example, I loved Batman when it came out when I was a kid, and I love Nolans Batman even more, reboots are good, mkay?
 Anywho's, rant over, on with the pretties! <3

Word of the Day: Snood

Tune of the Day: The Birthday Massacre - Neverending Story

Skin: Wednesday II - Sunkissed by Essences   RECENT!!
Hair: Fiona - Pastels by .ploom.
Outfit w/Wings: Whimsy - Champagne by Wishbox NEW!!
Crown: Rose Crown - Champagne by Wishbox
Bracelets: Nizam Choodiya Bangles - Gold & White by Zaara
Tattoo: Compassion Heart - 80% by -.HoD.-
Eye Makeup: Classy Eyeshadow - Platinum by .Pekka.
Feet: Barefeet by N-core
Hands: Mesh Hands - Casual by Slink
Nail Varnish: Lightning Nail Hud by PMD
Poses: Oh! Darling Set by .ploom.
Sim: Humanoid

Muah! <3


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