Thursday, 20 June 2013

Shake it like she's fearless...

Posted by Acacia at 10:00
 Good evening chaps and chapesses! And what a glorious evening it is, the sun is shining, the birds are chirping! And it would be utterly perfect if it weren't for my health conscious smoke-alarm, it goes off every time a cigarette is lit... They're not meant to do that! Anywho's, maybe close to quitting time, I know my beloved little monkey faced boy would be happy, and stop making 'knock me up' jokes to make me quit :o I'll keep you posted on quitting, although i'm sure it will be noticeable in my rhetoric when I turn into a full blown bitch monster...I can see it now, "MY HAIR IS NEW, I LIKE IT SO P**S OFF" >.> Maybe not the best plan...
 Anyway, NEW STUFF! I've been out and about, I picked up a few delicious goodies from TDRF, and I'm also blogging SAKIDES stunning little bikini for the endless summer hunt... I lovey it! Frankly I love the majority of Kinu's work as we all know, and it's not just because she's adorably awesome with a hawt French accent! The quality is excellent and the prices are low as hell.

Word of the Day: Rhetoric

Tune of the Day: Puscifer - Queen B (My song, as my name's B and I proudly admit I have some junk in my trunk!)

Skin: Wednesday II - Magnetic - Ivory by Essences @TDFR Recent!
Hair: Little 03 by Magika
Headdress: Feather Crown Headband - Rare by Tee*fy @The Arcade
Bikini: Beach Forever - Cream by [ SAKIDE ] for Endless Summer hunt (start location here) NEW!
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'd Up
Necklace & Bracelets: Caprice Jewellery by [ glow studio ] @TDFR Recent!
Shoes: Deviant Shoes - Shock by JD @ TDFR Recent!

Muah! <3


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