Saturday, 1 June 2013

And that white dress she’s wearing, you havent seen her for a while...

Posted by Acacia at 12:29
Good evening my little cherubs! We have lots of newness! Not only am I rocking this delectable little number from SAKIDE for the numberology event, I fell in love with this when I saw Kinu post it on flickr, there's a hood up option annnnd a tango option for the fuller boobed ladies amongst us, the corset textures are stunning and we also have a red floral, pale blue frosty, and rich chocolate brown version. So yummy, and rather delectable if I do say so myself. Numberology started this afternoon, so get your butts over there and shop! We also have a varied and somewhat random selection from this round Arcade Gacha event, so many amazing things this round, I'm super excited and my word I have weeks worth of blog posts stuff! Anywho's enjoy, and happy shopping! I'm currently sitting with my shopping partner in crime Jaded on Skype making poor Shaggy nuts while we talk rares and swap stuff :P Poor love-monkey! <3

Word of the Day: Ken

Tune of the Day: The Airborne Toxic Event - Sometime Around Midnight

Skin: Lulu 01 by Glam Affair @ The Arcade
Hair: Lory Mesh Hair - Iceberg by Wasabi Pills @ The Arcade
Unicorn parts: Sweet Dreams Unicorn - Peaches n Cream by Half Deer @The Arcade
Outfit: Elear Outfit -Summer by [ SAKIDE ] @ Numberology event
Socks: Lacey White Knee Socks by Kyoot (Store closed :( )
Boots: Bossy Boots - Floral Black by (fd) @ The Arcade
Ring: Fabric- Flower Ring - Vichy by Shakeup @ The Arcade
Necklace: Vintage Portrait Necklace - Fluffy Mittens (Rare) by (NO) @ The Arcade
Bracelets: Kitsch Bracelets - gold/grey by [glow]
Dinosaur: Thunder The T-Rex - Plushie Pals by Intrigue and Co. @The Arcade (Thank You Jaded!! Pew Pew!! <3)


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