Sunday, 23 June 2013

We kill the lights and put on a show, It's all a lie...

Posted by Acacia at 13:11
Goof evening my lovelies! I have some amazing stuffles for you today! featuring the stunningly wondrous hairiness of Truth, another batch release including this beauty with a hat! I love hats and caps and all sorts of head accessories, and this one is simply adorable it comes with a hud and 12 colours to choose from along with all the regular hair colour packs! Joy! I also stopped by TDRF and picked up the stunning Whisper skin from Essences, I am a big fan of Inka's work, her skins have stunning detail, they're a lot more 'everyday' seeming than the glam skins that I wear a lot of too, and that's what I adore about them they look like real girls, not overly made up and in beautiful skin tones. I do tend to prefer paler skins and even my tan skins are still pretty light, and this is no exception, she's dark for me, but not in the scheme of things, the skin gives Acacia a wide, doe eyed, naïve look which I'm somewhat in love with. And finally I popped by the boobies fair to pick up this chest piercing from Pekka, Ive always enjoyed Pekka's makeup, but they're piercings are also wonderful, and the chest hearts are no exception, there are also a series of nipple piercings for the fair which I'll bring you another day in another post :P I really do feel a Shaggy collaboration post coming on soon, there are some wonderful male releases out there, and I do have some darker 'fantasy/BDSM' items that could do with getting some viewing time, and yes, I do have a male alt, but where is the fun in playing with one's self? Anywho's, onto the details and pics!

Word of the Day: Drawl

Tune of the Day: Birthday Massacre - Kill The Lights

Skin: Whisper Goth - Brown Sugar by Essences @TDRF
Hair: Jolene - Colours01Fade by Truth
Piercing: Chest Hearts - Black by .Pekka. @The Boobies Show
Shirt: Daenarys Top - Roma by The Plastik
Tattoo: Into The sea you n me by [Reckless]
Shorts: Hanalei Shorts - Black by {mon tissue}
Shoes: Helena by Redgrave
Bracelets: Love Heart Bangle by MG

Sim: Nostos Deer


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