Saturday, 20 July 2013

Hey you, what do you see? something beautiful? Something free?

Posted by Acacia at 10:01
Allo my lovelies, I do apologise for the vanishing act and no the steam sale is not 100% to blame, so I've been out and about, a lot of time at the beach and generally gallivanting around the Scottish countryside. Onto my wee posty, now I have at least three in the works one a Shaggy (<3 lovemonkey!) collaboration another vintage inspired number, and futuristic one, but for now we simply have a wee quicky with some newness from the Hair Fair, UtopiaH and Al Vulo <3 do enjoy!! I'm off to make lamb chops and play lego LOTR :P (fiver in the sale! Untz)

Word of the Day: Bushwa

Tune of the Day: Marilyn Manson - The Beautiful People

Skin: Lavinia - Natural Fairy Tine by Al Vulo! @TDRF  NEW!!!
Hair: Brenda - Flaming Cherry by Wasabi Pills @ The Hair Fair NEW!!!
Mask: Surgical Nurse Mask - Razor
Horns: Horns of a Psycho - Coal by -UtopiaH- NEW!!!
Tattoo: Snakebite - Color Medium by Para Designs
Shirt: Knotted Tanktop - Black by [whatever]
Pants: Cross Leggings - Black by Cheeky @She & Him NEW!!!
Knee Guards: Spiked Knee Guards by dl::
Shoes: Donna by Redgrave


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