Tuesday, 30 July 2013

My Date With Rodvik...

Posted by Acacia at 08:49
Well Hello Clarice err darlinks, today I have jumped on Berry's bandwagon once again and I bring you my take on her Flat Rodvik Linden meme... Strawberry Singh's full post can be found here along with details on where you can get your very own Rodvik if you fancy doing the meme. The point was to drag Rodvik around the grid and take pictures, my venues were originally going to be different from the ones I ended up with (But due to rolling restarts and continually ending up at a welcome zone I changed my options) So we have two of my fave places annnnd a welcome zone, so frankly Rodvik should have been a lot more at home, but no, he just looked bored, terrible date and not talkative at all. 

 First up we have the stunning :nostos:deer: & *Little Hopper* sim, Ive used this one many a time in my blog and it really is super pretty, the coastline reminds me of where I grew up (shockingly enough on the East Coast of Scotland) As you can see my date looked bored and didn't even try and make eye contact... Le sigh!

Now we have the amazingly vintage and funky Artileri Sim, once again Rodvik looked bored, but at least I got to do some shopping!

And finally we ended up at River, a welcome zone, it was choc full of nooby goodness, mostly they were discussing where to get the sex... I failed to join in said conversation and Rodvik looked slightly less bored and more wooden...
Frankly I think I'll stick to dating my love monkey Shaggy... <3

Now onto the fashions! I have an extra piccy for you! I purchased the delectable new Harely skin from Pink Fuel and decided you need to see her face in all her close up gorgeousness! I'm also sporting one of SAKIDES stunning offerings for the Love Donna Flora Event, the Mosaic dress in white, a tea dress style, simple and elegent with a summery paisley pattern and a changey colour hud for the design and ribbon...The event it was created for is to raise awareness and funds to help The grids very own and very talented Squinternet Larnia, and I really do suggest everyone get their butts down there to purchase some of the stunning items. This link will pop you over to the Love Donna Flora blog, it explains Squinternets condition and the goal of the event in more detail, and should you choose you can leave a wee message, I've heard she really enjoys reading them...

What Rodvik is wearing: Only the Linden god himself knows...

Acacia's wardrobe:

Skin: Harley - Vanilla by Pink Fuel NEW!!!
Hair: Qopi [Roots] - LightBlondesFade01 by Truth NEW!!!
Eyes: Ascension - Ghost by IKON
Horns: Arachzis Horns - Angelic by The Plastik
Piercing: Christian Cross - Dark by -UtopiaH-
Dress: Mosaic Dress - White by [ SAKIDE ] @ Love Donna Flora NEW!!!
Shoes: Delicious - Black by N-core
Bracelets: Pearl Rain - Season 2 Cream by MANDALA


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