Friday, 12 July 2013

I wanna do bad things with you...

Posted by Acacia at 14:00
I have a massively huge pet hate in SL, and that is... Cleavage with no bra or top/corset, or really any reason for being, to me it just looks strange, granted it's sl, do what you will, and I'm sure in my nooby ass days before the ideas of physics and shiz popped into my head I was guilty of it too, but really, it drives me demented... Always has, ad always will, and since as of 9:14pm on the 12th of July 2013, I have officially been a non smoker for over 24 hours it's annoying me more than usually, so much so I actually left a club... Chick dancing next to me had so much cleavage and an open shirt on... It was leave or say something. I left. ( I hang around in clubs listening to tunes while I writey my bloggy) Anyways, bitchy ranty over (And utterly nicotine fuelled and unwarranted, that poor orange oompa loompa girl, geez, there I go again >.< ) I have some super pretty items for you today! None of them particularly new! I'm saving myself for hair fair which of course starts TOMORROW!!! Ive had big excitement trying on demos and setting up a hair fair outfit, which is basically just nekkid except for an alpha (cue wolf whistle) Allrighty, I'm off to make poor Shaggy-saurus life miserable a bit more ( I warned him last night this was not going to be plain sailing) Have a great evening, I do not hate you all, contrary to popular belief! <3

Word of the Day - Ploce

Tune of the Day : Jace Everett - Bad Things

Skin: Cho Skin - Light Rose 01 by Essences @ C88 NEW!!
Hair: BerryJuice - Black by LoQ
Hairbase: etched hair 06b by JOMO
Ears: Stretched ears- Omimi by MANDALA
Facechain: Facechain with Gems by XX
Tote: Kelly Tote - Licorice by DECO
Choker: The Shadow Lord Choker by Ronsem
Tattoo: Swallow Hipsters by Ink'D Up!
Shirt: I half Top by alterego
Pants: filthy mesh jeans by alterego
Shoes: Saddle Shoes - Polka Dots by -tb-
Nails & Rings: Pin-Up mustache ring & nails by -UtopiaH-


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