Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Meet My Friend Challenge...

Posted by Acacia at 09:01
Once again I am stealing Strawberry's Monday meme and making it my own, well, borrowing is a more apt description. The friend I picked is my boyfriend and pretty much my best friend Shaggy Gertler. Now that may seem like cheating as I'm in a relationship with him, but, in the instructions it says to pick a friend you think has wonderful style or personality, or just someone interesting. I think Shaggy tops in the personality track and he's incredibly interesting. The questions I asked really didn't do him justice. The man can make me laugh my ass off with a single word, or impersonation, he also knows more about history than anyone I've ever met, professors included... I also decided to photobomb him with dinosaurs while he was supposed to be looking all majestic and shiz... My bad >.> <3

Acacia: Alrighty mister fuzzy, how long have you been in SL?

Shaggy: almost 6 years now

Shaggy: sloot

Acacia: And in all that time, what exactly have you done with yourself?

Shaggy: Strip, strip and oh yeah i stripped once...tried a little hosting too

Acacia: I can't imagine you hosting... Doesn't that mean you have to be pleasant?

Shaggy: i am pleasant when i want to be :P

Acacia: So what exactly keeps you logging back into SL Mr. Gertler?

Shaggy: You, you numpty...duh

Acacia: There must be other reasons? Anything?

Shaggy: to check messages?

Acacia: So what do you think is the best thing about SL?

Shaggy: trolling sex sims

Shaggy: meeting interesting people

Acacia: And what do you do whilst trolling?

Shaggy: Entertain myself, dress up mess around get a reaction.

Acacia: So attention whoring really? :P

Shaggy: takes one to know one

Acacia: Hi5!

Acacia: What are some of your favorite stores to shop at in Second Life?
Shaggy: Tonktastic,Razorblade and Little Britain

Acacia: What has Second Life taught you?

Shaggy: most people talk alot of shit when they hide behind a computer

Acacia: This is true

Acacia: So no good things then?

Shaggy: no

Acacia: Is there anything you want to share about yourself? Something my readers might not know about you.

Shaggy: I like putting my penis in buns

Acacia: *Clears her throat*

Shaggy: anything to get a laugh

Acacia: You do a wonderful Ygritte impression too...

Shaggy: >.>

Acacia: You’ve been in SL for 6 years, that’s a long time. I’m sure you’ve made a lot of friends and also lost contact with some. Is there anyone you miss that you’ve lost touch with?

Shaggy: Not really, if they have been good friends then they are still around, havent lost touch with anyone that i didnt want to lose touch with.


In retrospect I really could of asked better questions, but alas, I'm crap at interviewing. To wrap it up, if you ever come into contact with, or get the chance to talk to him. You should, he can be quiet at first, but trust me, it doesn't last long.

What Meester Gertler is wearing:

Hair - {Soap} Mercenary - Black
Mask - Illusions - Goblin King
Shoes - -WMD- Hermony Chucks
Outfit - Razor /// Timberlake Outfit w/HUD

ta ta for now <3



Deirdre Graves on 2 July 2013 at 18:31 said...

I love the dinosaurs, and you going all "rawr" into the picture.

Acacia on 8 July 2013 at 20:38 said...

I stalk him daily, it seemed utterly fitting xD Thankyou!

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