Wednesday, 8 January 2014

She's the girl all the bad guys want...

Posted by Acacia at 08:38
Good afternoon my little fashionistas! I hope we are all fabulous today, and if not, I hope your day improves dramatically and becomes fabulous! Bacon shall fall from the sky and Tom Hiddleston will show up at your door with a dozen roses, or substitute for someone you find hot... You get my drift, I'm in a good mood! Onto the important things in life now, fashions :O I bring thee yet more gloriousness from the elska front, Alexandria Enchanted, the lovely and very talented lady behind elska is taking part in both the azz show and the boobies show, so here's a pretty one for the next round of azz show, and there shall be a lot more to come! Sadly I cant wear them all at once, or I totally would :O Four Exclusives will debut and this round of The Azz Show begins on the 10th! Theyre all absolutely wonderful, but I do have a personal favourite that I think I'll be sharing tomorrow. (But, don't quote me on that, my mind changes a lot!) I also have some wonderful post apocalyptic goodies from DRD at Fameshed. Enjoy the pics, happy shopping and muah! <3

Word of the Day: Welkin

Tune of the Day: Bowling For Soup - Girl all the Bad Guys Want

Skin: Katya - Jamaica 03 by Glam Affair (currently available at main store!)
Hair: Tanya - Flaming Cherry by Wasabi Pills
Goggles: Post Apocalyptic Nerd Goggles by DRD @Fameshed NEW!!!
Necklace: Post Apocalytic Nerd Neckwrap by DRD @Fameshed NEW!!!
Mask: 13 Remarkable Nights of Oblivion - mask 0 by RO (Unavailable)
Upper Tattoo: L'Amant - Low by White Widow
Lower Tattoo: Madame Butterfly (Azz Applier) by elska @The Azz Show NEW!!!
Armwarmers: Piper -Armwarmer by Blueberry
Top: Lace Tank - Black by [M]
Panties: Comfort Panties - Black (Azz Applier) by -SU!-
Garter: Garter Love by MUKA
Knees: Spiked Knee Guards by dl::
Boots: Studded Long Boots - Black by J's


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