Friday, 31 January 2014

But nothing ventured, nothing gained, you see?

Posted by Acacia at 06:47
 Good morning lovelies, I feel I should mention before I start that this post is very liable to degrade into a somewhat ranty diatribe, so should that not appeal, read the first paragraph only. With that being said, fashion! I decided to throw on some loveliness from C88, it's a bit late, but like most fabulous ladies in SL, you go, you buy goodies and there's just so much that you don't really get around to wearing it all at once :O So I do suggest if you haven't swung by this round you do, as there really are some utter gems, the Clawtooth hair, the tres blah goodies, so, so lovely! Go shop! Do it.

 I suppose this could be a meme of sorts as it really is my thoughts on a couple of subjects, but in the last twenty four hours I've just had a couple of eye opening SL experiences. Firstly, now, this one's more funny than anything, a fellow DJ at one of the clubs I work at was flat out rude about my accent, saying it was too thick to understand. Frankly, I am Scottish, but I do not under any circumstances have a thick accent, at all, I enunciate very clearly, and I sound, for want of a better word, educated.

Annnnd secondly, I was IM'd by someone making fun of my blog! I feel somewhat special after this last one. It was a first for me, I know it's happened to many a blogger and once you're out there in a public forum you are opening yourself up to ridicule. It just made me wonder why? Why bother going out of your way to 'try' and upset someone you don't know, have never met and never will. Not much upsets me in this silly little world of the interwebs. I can safely say I've never gone out of my way to upset someone, and never will, we're all entitled to our own opinions and we all judge. I will simply continue to do it silently behind your back :P (I kid, I kid) There was a different second point in my ranting that happened yesterday, but as it was personal and didn't just pertain to me it has been removed. I will add one salient point however. Do not rant at me about a situation and then not expect me to offer advice and when I do treat me like I just ruined your life. The issues my friend are yours, simply because you never thought of them first does not make it my fault.

Anywho's I think that is quite enough of that! Pictures! <3

Skin: Clover 01 - Sunkissed - brunette by Essences
Hair: Female Trouble - Pink and Pretty by Clawtooth @ C88 NEW(ish)
Shirt: Long Sleeve Collared Blouse - White by -tb- @C88 NEW(ish)
Tie: Female Skinny Tie - Black by -tb- @C88 NEW(ish)
Skirt: Dreamy Tutu - Black by -tb- @C88 NEW(ish)
Socks: Skeem Socks - Cross by Chary @Azz Show NEW(ish)
Shoes: Nola Platform Wedge - Black by .Renegade.


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