Friday, 22 February 2013

And we all want something beautiful, man I wish I was beautiful...

Posted by Acacia at 09:12
Partying to some nineties soft rock... By partying of course I mean singing off-key and bobbing my head, what can I say, I'm a free spirit and I like to live dangerously! I decided more Exile and nommies from Boom at TDRF were in order, I also picked up these hot ass shoes brought to us by *YS&YS* at TDR, then clean forgot about them, meep! I really am a scatterbrained eejit at times, and I know full well that there are bits and bobs in my inventory ive forgotten I bought, it's a nice surprise when you find goodies though... Don't mind the lighting difference in one of the pics either, I managed to crash and forget which I was on... YAY! I'm having a special day! I did have massive fun djing this morning though, random-ass tunage for the masses, I can only think of one thing that would of improved it, and that would of been an addition to the company, Shaggy, I miss your face :o
Ok, so he's been gone a few hours, that was a little overly attached of me, but whatevers... Anywho, to the pictures and shiz!

Word of the Day: Recuse

Tune of the Day: Counting Crows - Mr. Jones


Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly Petal edition- Melodia by Glam Affair
Hair: Beyond the Waves- Frost by Exile
Outfit: Baseball Tee and Shorts set - Lipstick by *Boom* (TDFR)
Shoes: Brera Pumps Death by *YS&YS* (TDFR)
Tattoo: Wrist cross tattoo by Bias.
Bracelets: Cord wraps by Illusions

And that is all for now, ta-ta!


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