Thursday, 28 February 2013

Burn it down baby, burn it, burn it down...

Posted by Acacia at 04:29
Good morning my little fuzzy heads, how are we this wonderful (actually sunny) day? I kid you not, there be sun on them thar hills! It's still bloody freezing, but, at least the fabled, glowing ball of fire has decided to show it's nose... I have prettiness for you! SAKIDE, [e], Perle, annnd H. O.F from c88... omnomnom Untz! I feel the need to mention The Following, if you lot have not been watching this show... Do it, Kevin bacon is pretty much Incredible along with the rest of the cast, you cannot trust anyone, it's dark, visceral and just fucking awesome, I watch it weekly with Seniór Shagtastico, and this week he called it, there was a character he hadnt trusted and bejebus, he was right! It also has the bad friend from Suits in it, he looked like a serial killer in that too o.o but err, watch it! Kthx <3

Word of the Day: Visceral

Tune of the Day: Awolnation - Burn it Down

Shape: Fearful Symmetry
Skin: Amberly - America 03 by Glam Affair
Hair: Conclusion by [e]
Makeup: Party eyeliner in Gold by Glam Affair
Choker: Precious Choker - Pitch by *BOOM*
Piercings: Lolita (edited) by SU and Eye Piercing by Puncture
Rings: Cranium ring -red by SAKIDE and Broche Ring by ~Pepper~
Top: Xue Top -red by H.O.F (at c88)
Panties: Slide Panties - Dino by SAKIDE
Gloves: Pants/Gloves Set 1 by ..:Perle
Legwarmers: Legwarmers - Black by ..:Perle
Feet: Mesh feet by N-core

Ta-Ta m'lovelies! <3


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